Ideas Week Corpus Christi

May 11-16, 2015

Ideas Week is seven days (May 11-16, 2015) of events & programming morning to evening that will highlight the new, innovative, creative, and amazing aspects of our great city. Different events will be offered throughout the week that will attract a wide array of people of all ages, backgrounds, and perspectives. The goal of the week is to share ideas, solve problems, create personal and community pride by showcasing what Corpus Christi has to offer and the potential for the future.    

Ideas Week programming is mostly free but will include a few events throughout the week that will have an admission fee and will be fundraisers for the YBP to continue these community projects.

Free daily events include:

  • Innovation Education: Lunch & Learn Events
  • Creativity Lab: Tours

Special events & partner events (evenings & weekends):

  • Speed Networking
  • Corpus Christi Downtown Art Walk

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